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about us


This is Simon Brown, the hub of a practice with many spokes... architects... engineers... landscape architects...... ecologists... a team built for each project

We design as sustainably as each project allows ...
We aim for design that sustains...
body, mind, spirit...
We aim to sustain by design...

We have been designing sustainable buildings and places for longer than any of us care to  remember.

We aim to keep ahead of, and adjust to, each new wave of ideas, technologies, regulations, but always employ the simplest of principles...

•  ultra-low energy use

•  maximum comfort

•  minimum impact

our approach

We work along-side our clients, who are often first-time 'developers'.

We aim to avoid jargon and arrogance - we are not always right !

Whilst always professional, we aim to be approachable and informal - you will have a single point of contact throughout your project. 

Some information about the way we work follows:

Page under construction... come back later

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